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About Me

I was born in Indonesia, a country I'm proud to call home, and have lived in Thailand, Vietnam, South Africa and the US. My high school experience was a unique one - the first two years in South Africa, then I was uprooted to move to Michigan, and finally got my High School degree in Indonesia. Why did I move around so much? No I wasn't kicked outta school, it was because of my father's job as an engineer. I completed High School in 3 different countries - all the while juggling moving, completing the IB, and finally living apart from my family in senior year to finish off my studies at an international school. Was it easy? Absolutely not! But I learned so many incredible things that have critically shaped me into the person I am today. 

From a very young age I adored storytelling, whether it was reading books or writing short stories. I knew where I wanted to go to school since I was 14 years old - New York University (which was basically Hogwarts in my head). But what would I study? One thing I knew for sure was that I wanted to go to Tisch School of the Arts, and that's when I realized I could pursue writing and another great passion of mine - film!

4 years later I graduated from my dream school, got an incredible job right off the bat, and am now honing my craft. What's my craft you ask? Everything from writing, to modeling, to acting, to art (in virtually every form there is), to photography and...well, whatever I want to learn next! A new endeavor I'm excited to explore is directing, as I will be making my directorial debut this year with a special documentary. 

I now live in Jersey City with my partner and our two fur babies Zeus and Percy. Out of everything I've experienced, my favorite thing to do is help people! Especially when it comes to art, as there is no greater feeling than bringing your work to life. Life is so unexpected, but the one thing I promise to do is create art and contribute all the good vibes to everyone I meet. If you've got a project you've been itching to create, let me know! I'm called a Swiss army knife at my job for a reason - let's bring your work to life! 

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